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Get A Little Inspiration: Etsy Jewelry That Offers A Message

For a while, I was considering tattooing something on my wrist – something I say to myself whenever I need a reminder that all is well. I never got around to it. This seems like another alternative. Why not just get a necklace charm personalized with my message? I might look into this….

In the meantime, if you are looking for inspirational jewelry or jewelry with messages, see below:

Whether You Think

Cuff Bracelet

Cherish Bracelet

Gratitude Locket

Never Regret

Change Your Thoughts


Message in a Bottle

Live the Life

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  1. I have that top swirl necklace. I had it engraved with the french translation of Wanderlust. That was my alternative to having it tattooed, too! 🙂

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