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Daily Diary: New Year’s Eve Makes Me Feel Like A 90 Year Old

I was talking with some friends today about New Year’s Eve plans and whether or not I had any. I said ABSOLUTELY NOT! I just want to stay home and relax – order in some food and snuggle up with a book. My friends are doing other things – all of which involve NOT being at home when the ball drops.

I don’t know… call me crazy… but I’ve lost all interest in that holiday. I mean… I used to go out when I was younger and before I had children. But the thought of having to deal with a New Year’s Eve celebration just makes me nauseous.

What are you doing on the 31st? Anything special? Please tell me I’m not alone.

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  1. Just ONCE I’d love to do the NYC New Year’s Eve thing – it’s a dream. But other than that…I’m in your boat – staying at home and enjoying a mellow night of relaxation. πŸ™‚

  2. No you are definitely not alone! My husband and I sit at home with a bottle of champagne laced with Chambord and watch the countdown in Times Square. New Years Day we have a Rocky watching marathon, lol. We have done the exact same thing for 8 years in a row ;).

  3. It’s too cold to go out!!! Now that we have kids, we’re usually home by 9:30 at the latest.

  4. Join our club ! I always thought there was too much pressure for one night and decided years ago it just wasnt worth it. We stay home and at about 11pm will get dressed up so we can cheers with a glass of bubbly and take a kiss pic. Not fighting traffic or waiting for cabs or having to drive home the next morning is the best way to start the new year in my book!

  5. You are definitely not alone. We have two kiddos and we really no interest to much other than snuggle up, eat junk food and watch trashy TV!

  6. Nooo, you are definitely not alone. We stay home now we have kids, and are lucky to even be awake at midnight to see the new year in, lol!

  7. THANKS GUYS!!! I felt so… uncool ! LOL!! But I’m glad to hear that not everyone goes out. πŸ™‚ I get exhausted just thinking about it

    1. You think you’re bad; It’s my bday on that day and I don’t do anything either (every single year). When ppl call to wish me happy bday & ask what are you doing I say i’m staying home like I do every year. I don’t know why they even ask anymore. I hate being pressured to do things.

  8. we never go out. either i cook a special meal or we order something different than usual in.. hang out, watch TV.. sometimes i just let the hubbs play video games! i hate new years eve honestly and would rather just be home with my hubbs. of course we watch the ball drop and have some wine or champagne.

  9. I am a single mother by choice to a 6 year old. I have always hated new year’s eve- I call it forced frivolity. And without a partner or a date, it sucks. This time of year generally makes me depressed. So, I will treat myself to a new hardcover, just out, novel and read after my son goes to bed with the tv off so I don’t have to listen to the year in review. And I will go to bed early and try to pretend it is not happening. Sounds a little crazy, I know.

    1. I never stay up for the ball to drop. it’s an overrated holiday- thats for sure. Order in Chinese and curl up with that book. Sounds like a perfect night to me. πŸ˜‰

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