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I am red faced and hysterical right now. I almost shut it off because it was so raw. What a brave boy! I cried because I am a mom. I cried because I’ve put on that fake smile one too many times to count. I cried because I am afraid for my children. I cried because this probably happens more than we care to admit.

I had to pass on his message. I just had to.

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  1. This is hard to watch. It’s as if my own son shot this video. He’s 13 and in 8th grade and could have written those cards word for word. He’s been bullied since 1st grade and all because he’s an easy target. He’s the nice kid who wants to be a good friend to everyone, but is sensitive so the bullies aim for him because it’s ‘fun’. He has so much going for him but it so tormented every day that he tried cutting recently. And if you knew him, this would blow you away – as we were when we found out last week. He’s a great student, is taking flying lessons, plays guitar, has great outlets for creativity and social activities, etc. We have a wonderfully open communication relationship with him, but obviously as they hit the teen years they don’t want to share everything – especially something like cutting.

    And those “zero tolerance” bullying policies in schools are a joke. He’s been treated so horribly for so many years and nothing is ever done to the brats who do it. Even the kid who threatened to bring a knife to school to kill him got nothing more than a stern talking to and a 2 day suspension. My son actually finds EXCUSES for these kids. “so and so has a really hard life” “so and so is trying hard to be good, but just has some issues” “eh, he says those things to everybody” It blows my mind.

    We’ve been considering homeschooling for years because these kids aren’t getting any learning done – they are too stressed out about what the rest of the day will bring that they can’t concentrate. Adolescence is hard enough without these nasty kids who tear down others, making their lives completely unbearable. And to those who think it’ll “build character and toughen them up” (as one teacher told me years ago) – I hope bullying NEVER happens to your children.

    1. Please let that young man know he is loved , even if we don’t know him personally , a lot of people can relate to how he is feeling. So Proud of him for being better than the bullies<3

  2. thank you so much for posting this. i put it on my facebook hoping others would see it and pass on the powerful message. i was moved to tears and amazed at this boys courage. thank you.

  3. Poor kid. U r braver then any of those kids and i know u r smarter, nicer and more handsome. I cant imagine but i gurantee u will be happier in the long run and you will make alot more of yourself then they ever will. Payback and karma is a real thing. It may be years until they get their hard days but they do not know ehats coming for them. Shame on the school system and the parenting of these bullies. He is crying out for help. You will get your help soon. I promise. Keep your head up. Life only gets better the older you get. The hard times always come before the good. STay strong buddy. Their are a million reasons to stay alive amd there are many people who love you

  4. Wow, he is really brave to do that. I really admire his courage. I hope he can find peace within himself and learn that you don’t have to be perfect in order to love yourself.

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