Customized Cookies! I’m Dying! Here Are My Kids’ Drawings On A Treat

I cannot STAND THIS!! It is SO CUTE! The possibilities are endless! Ok seriously – I have to calm down.

Splurge Bakery has made customizable cookies available to the masses. My kids DREW two designs using their online templates. I scanned the image and sent it to the bakery and then…


THIS ARRIVED! A package filled with their masterpieces. Each cookie was individually wrapped and topped with a bow.


The designs are EXACT. Even down to the colors they chose!


When the kids came home from school, I surprised them with their treat. It was so special because they had a hand in the design.

Just think about it

  • Birthday Parties
  • Christmas / Holiday Parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Special Occasions

It doesn’t even have to be a drawing. It could be an IMAGE too! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Think about how this edible art will add to whatever function you are planning.

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