Don’t Shy Away From Winter White Jeans! Here’s How To Wear Them

Honestly, folks. You CAN wear white all year long. Forget all the old rules. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Do you own a great pair of winter white jeans? I do and I love to wear them to parties paired with the right pieces.

Here’s the trick. You don’t wear them with summer colors like coral or mint green. You will look WAY off season if you do. Instead, opt for greys, blacks, and dark browns.

Like this Paul&Joe Debroca Grey Knit ponchoย $365 ย –

Or this MICHAEL STARS Chocolate Roll-Up Sleeve T-Shirt $90 –

Perhaps you’d be into a striped blazer instead?

Looking for a more casual piece? How about this knitted grey jumper?’

Even this Hooded Knit Cardigan + T-Shirt Dress combo would work. $72 –

Seriously, I can go on and on. Basically anything that you would wear normally in the winter GOES with winter white jeans. You just have to remember to stay away from the BRIGHT summer colors. Simple enough right?

Give them a shot!

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