Daily Diary: 9AM Birthday Parties And Christmas Movies


There’s a trend going on in my neighborhood as of late. If I REALLY think about it, it’s a good thing because I have the rest of my day to do whatever I want with the kids. In July, I even had a 9:30AM birthday party for Liam on a Saturday morning. So, I’m not throwing stones here – I’m just curious:  DO other people do the EARLY birthday parties living in other areas of the country?

Naturally, I’m bringing this up because we had an early birthday party on Sunday. When we got home, the kids played for a bit inside and then BEGGED my husband to take them to the park. I stayed back and cleared up our DVR. It was like I was on vacation. BLISS! 🙂

Then after their baths, we actually put on a Christmas movie – Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure (releases Nov 8th in stores). It was cute! I popped some popcorn and listen to the kids enjoy the film as I attempted to get through our mail. Just another typical weekend I suppose.

Are you starting up with the Christmas movies?

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  1. Yes, early morning birthday parties are a common thing in my neighborhood in NY. This way the kids who still take scheduled naps can be home in time and not be thrown out of their element.

  2. YES on the Christmas movies!!! I’m so psyched! 🙂

    No on the early bday parties. I’m an early bird, though, so that would be lovely if they’d start doin’ that around here!!

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