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Daily Diary: My Favorite Part Of The Day


My days are hectic. My days fly right by. My days are just too short. Join the club right?  Yeah, I know. Welcome to motherhood.

But believe it or not, one of my favorite moments is when I sit down with my daughter and help her with her homework. I DO NOT like doing homework on days when she has after school activities because we are so rushed and crazy, but on an average day I look forward to it.

In those moments, I am fully present and involved. She surprises me with how much she already knows. However, when she reads me a book and then looks up to me for help, my insides melt. My baby girl is still so young and I’m embracing these years as tightly as possible.

Liam also does “homework” during this time. He either draws or practices his letters. It’s quiet and my absolute favorite part of the day.

What moments do you cherish?

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