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Daily Diary: I Bought Purple Luggage – Yeah I Said It


Here’s the deal. This year, I traveled a bit for work and always had a hard time figuring out which pieces were mine. I really dont’ have the best memory. Sometimes, I would see bags with large ribbons tied to the handles. I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT WAS A GREAT IDEA.

But I would NEVER EVER remember to do it.

While shopping online, I told my mother I was going to buy a red luggage set. She told me that a lot of people these days have red luggage. And come to think of it… she’s right. I do seem to always see a set or two in the baggage claims area.

So, I took a chance and went with purple. It looks much lighter in the shot because of the flash, but I am PRAYING that not many people are rocking PURPLE luggage these days.

When the full set came, my husband was like… what is this?? I told him it will help us out in the long run. I’m not so sure he believed me.

Either way, I am happy with the purchase. The three pieces were under $300 so it was a good deal too. Now I just need a trip to use them all on. 🙂

What color is your luggage?

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  1. I have 2 sets of bright blue luggage. Think Turquiose. They are awesome ! Next best thing about the set is the piggy back straps so I can attach my carry on rollerbag to my checked piece. So easy to handle when you are traveling alone.

  2. I have a light blue and teal suitcase for that reason. Plus my name tag was handmade by my nephew so i never ever lose luggage.

  3. I have two Burton suitcases – they’re really loud plaid. They’re actually really cute and I’ve never seen anyone else with the same ones – I think Burton changes the patterns every season just for that purpose. Plus, they’re genius in terms of layout and roll really well (on skateboard wheels that can be replaced as they wear out). They’ve made book tour travel so much easier. It’s so worth the money to invest in suitcases you like and can spot easily on the luggage belt.

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