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Natalie’s New Favorite Wii Game: Barbie: Jet, Set & Style

I’ve had Barbie: Jet, Set & Style for a while… but last night was the first time we sat down to play it. The premise of the game is simple – help Barbie style her beauty customers all around the world.

Kids are able to cut, curl, and color hair – without the help of an adult. Trust me! It’s the easiest game available which is something I LOVE because it limits my involvement which means I can – you know – cook, clean and perhaps even shower.

Manicures, makeovers and fashion consultation is also part of the sequence. SO MUCH FUN! My daughter woke up this morning BEGGING me to play it again – I promised her after dinner she can have more time on the Wii.

Once the customer is complete, they then do this sequence where you see the girl from every angle so you can appreciate all your hard work. Natalie SQUEALS when it’s running. She really gets PROUD of her design. 🙂

If you have a little girl who likes to play the Wii but is looking for something EASY, GIRLY, and FUN – check out Barbie: Jet, Set & Style.

* company sent sample for review

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  1. Hello Vera,

    Wildly stupid question here, but my 6 year old played this Barbie game for the first time last night and couldnt figure out how to get to do the manicure/makeup part. Of course, I thought I could figure out how to access this feature instantly, but I could not! It was making me insane….

    All we seem to be able to do is the hairstyling and wardrobe features.

    Any suggestions would be great.


  2. That is all my daughter is able to do too! Has anyone figured out how to do nails or makeover?

  3. We haven’t been able to do anything other than hair and wardrobe too! Not sure where the makeup and manicure aspect comes in. Any help would be aprreciated!

  4. Same with me but my daughter uses Nintendo ds. She can only do hair and clothes and wants to do the makeup and nails I can’t figure it out please help!

  5. My 6 yr. old is kickin’ butt. Try a different remote if problems persist. OR … ask dad to try … we have no problems … Looking for codes … .we’re impatient …

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