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Daily Diary: Ice Cream Cupcakes? Yeah That Works With My Diet

I don’t know. I need to move somewhere in this country where delicious treats are unaccessible. Everywhere I turn, it’s temptation, temptation, temptation! Ice cream cupcakes? Give me a freaking break Cold Stone Creamery!! How can a person resist?


Throughout the year, my children have acquired several $5 Cold Stone Creamery gift cards. People have given them out during birthday parties as favors etc. I have been on a mission lately to actually get rid of every gift card I have in my kitchen – because it’s becoming obnoxious. I took the 4 gift cards I had and went to the ice cream shop to see what I could take home. I WAS going to get ice cream pints, but then I saw that they offer ice cream cupcakes! How fun is that? When the kids came home – I had a HUGE treat for them.

Just wanted to pass this info along should you have a play date coming up or a function where you want to bring dessert.

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