Revitalizing Events With Pop Chips And Gatorade

I wish I had access to all the pictures that were taken during Revitalizing Events this year. There are some really good ones – especially with Gatorade. But this one pretty much sums up how much fun I had. Dana – bottom left – is the one who threw the function and Gatorade was there to promote their G Series Fit.

I love when companies come out with a product that is innovative and serves a better purpose. I’m not one to work out ever much, but even I could see how awesome the following products are.

  • Pre Workout Energy Fuel – these bite size packages gives you the nutrients and carbs your body needs to get a good work out
  • Workout Hydration – Uses the same formula as the original Gatorade, this drink keeps you hydrated during the actual fitness routine
  • Post Workout Recover – this drink gives you the right amount of protein to restore your muscles and jump start your recovery

They thought of everything!!

What do you think about this new line? My cousin (bottom right of the first picture) works out like crazy and she was LOVING the entire concept.

I already posted my family picture from PopChips, but here is one more of me and my cousin. I don’t know why we decided to make a gun sign. Originally, we were both just pointing to the camera and then we got a little gansta. Forgive me. It’s embarrassing.

Besides original, Pop Chips has an amazing variety of flavors that they offer. I’m 100% addicted to CHEDDAR. Oh man – I could eat those day and night. My husband likes salt and pepper or jalapeno or BBQ or… ok he likes them all.

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