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Daily Diary: Homework For The Next 12 Years? Not Sure I’m Ready


Man. Who knew homework would be so time consuming!? I mean – Kindergarden was a flipping breeze, right? First grade is SERIOUS. It’s really not much when you think about it… but for a 6 year old it’s a mountain to climb.

Last night, I did extra homework because Natalie’s mid-week schedule can get a bit hectic with after school activities. It was like I was torturing her! The math we breeze through – which I am really happy about considering that was ALWAYS my favorite subject. It’s the handwriting and the reading that drags for my daughter.

Veteren moms – how do you handle the homework? Do you do it right after school? In the morning when they wake up? After a snack? After dinner? Would love some advice here!

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  1. Oh Vera, I feel your pain. I feel a nightly migraine coming on everyday around 4pm.
    I do 1st & 5th grade homework with my girls everyday while they have a snack.
    They have to finish it b4 they can see friends outside. It can be exhausting and i admit
    there is some yelling and eye rolling from us too Grade School is hard!! Lol

  2. Hi Vera! I have a 3rd grader and from Kindergarten until now, I have always done her homework as soon as she gets off the bus. I tried letting her play first but then the “school mode” left her and made it much worse to get her back in the mindset to do homework. I find that if I do it as soon as she gets home, it’s much easier and we avoid the yelling and eye rolling!

  3. Honestly, having children in elementary school is a part-time job. As they get older, you have to limit their activities and your evening schedule to make sure there’s enough time to complete homework.

  4. We’ve been doing it at the dinner table…AFTER We eat…That is what has worked this week…were just in first grade too so right now it’s all trial and error!….last week we did it around 4pm…I like the “scoot the dishes to the side and spend an hour at the table together thing”….last night she read books to us while we stayed at the table and enjoyed a glass of wine!

  5. Get home from school and then do homework, my 3rd grader are still in the zone, so it is just like an extension of school, if I let him chill and play first, it is a nightmare getting him to focus again!!

  6. My baby is 20 and a Junior at Penn. My suggestion is to stop saying “I” it is not your homework. It is your children’s and the sooner you realize and acknowledge that the better. You will spend the next years watching other parents DO their kids homework and then wonder why they have no self motivation to do anything themselves. Trust me.. HOME WORK gets hard and I decided it was too hard for me by about 4th grade. It was a good thing that all my girls always had ownership. Of course you need to sit with them and be there to guide the process..but at least start calling it what it is “THEIR HOMEWORK!” I am going to email you a link to the best parenting article I have read. If you print it, it is 14 pages…but well worth the read. It will help you see what you want the end result to be…. Good Luck.

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