Fashion Hauling At TJMAXX (VIDEO)

I went SHOPPING (again). Oh man – next month’s bill is going to be a big one. But I recently changed over my closet from summer to winter and I am struggling in the clothes department.

So – I need to rectify that, right??

Here’s what I bought today. I don’t know why the video is such a grainy off color – hopefully you can still get the feeling for the clothes.

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  1. I hardly ever go there, but when I do…it’s sooo bad. They just have so much to pick from and it’s not the same old same old like at Kohl’s, JCPenney, etc.

  2. There should be a white balance function on your camera. When you set up the video, look through the screen with live view adjust the white balance until the color looks normal. It’s pretty easy!

  3. I get so envy when I hear how cheap the clothes are in the US – grrrrrrrrrrr.
    Here in Europe things are more expensive, if you buy cheap clothes here
    it is mostly really bad fabric..
    Beige works for you, I find the sleeves interesting – it’s all those bat sleeves
    from the 80ies, like it.

  4. I like your curly-ish hair…and your clothes! Why is it so fun to get new clothes?

  5. Is the shirt you are wearing your new one you got the other day? I like it a lot…your hair also looks really nice!

  6. Your hair looks good when it is blown out that way. Still can’t believe how blonde it is!

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