Exclusive Interview With Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd has teamed up with Oral-B to talk to women about how we can have it all. The actress opened up to ‘Lady and the Blog’ about how she balances motherhood while still maintaining her hectic schedule. This is a topic I could certainly use some advice on!!

What’s her next “power” project with Oral-B? Read below as she shares her “power moment”.

1. Why did you decide to partner up with Oral-B?

I partnered with Oral-B because I am really passionate about maintaining my oral health.

2. What’s the hardest part about your job? What’s one thing you wish you could change?

The hardest part is suffering from “mommy guilt” and trying to fit it all in. The one thing I wish I could change would be not getting in trouble so much from what I say on TV.

3. What are some tips you have for working moms who try to fit everything into their schedule?

Know that your priority is your child and remember that with every decision you make.

4. Can you talk about ‘power moments’ and what impact they have on our lives? What’s one ‘power moment’ that stands out from your own life?

Power moments are those special moments that have a great influence on our life and give us the opportunity to see our life from a different perspective.

My latest ‘power moment’ was switching from a manual toothbrush to an Oral-B Power toothbrush. My oral hygiene has improved since making the switch—my dentist even commented during my last visit! Plus Power brushes also provide all the cleaning, which is a real benefit for busy women like me who are juggling a career, marriage and motherhood.

To see Sherri’s Powerful Moment video, click here.

“I am thrilled to partner with Oral-B on this initiative. I hope my video not only entertains viewers, but also inspires them to discover their own ‘Powerful Moments of Truth.’ Like me, they’ll probably wonder why they waited so long to give power toothbrushes a try.”

Do you use a power toothbrush?

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