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Daily Diary: Making Brownie Balls And Living In A Seinfeld Episode



Over the weekend, my mother slept over and she wanted to do something fun with the kids. We went to Target and found this little magic number – life changing I tell you. She decided to try to make cake balls… but with brownies. We baked the brownies, let them cool, and then stirred in a tub of frosting. The kids rolled them up and we let them harden in the fridge.

We were supposed to have lollipop sticks – but of course we forgot to buy them! So they are just balls.


Not the most appetizing thing to look at – but they were good. I think I would stick to using white cake though – then you can use colorful sprinkles to add a little design to them.




On Sunday, I made my family come with me to do my extreme couponing at Target, CVS and Walmart. They were TROOPERS!! I told Bill he could choose where we had lunch – which meant at LEAST a 20 minute drive in the car. That boy loves to explore and DRIVE. It PAINS me to do this, but he really was amazing for dealing with my coupon obsession all morning, so I gave it to him.

We went to Laguna Grill and learned that KIDS EAT FREE. WHAT??? We were like, “Just on Sunday?” NOPE – always!! Is that crazy! I am now so happy that we took that drive. Talk about a great way to save some money. And the food is insanely good. What a score.


Now, this is where the Seinfeld episode comes into play.

Remember when Elaine was eating at some frozen yogurt place and it was SO GOOD but it was also no fat and no calories or something. Then later, they found out that it was FILLED with fat and the store was just lying? That’s what I felt like yesterday afternoon at D Lite. I’m not saying this company is lying, but MY GOODNESS THEIR ICE CREAM WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. I couldn’t believe it!!!

From their website:

The D’lites Emporium ice cream is low in sodium, sugar, fat, and carbohydrates. It is cholesterol free, and a healthier alternative to regular ice cream. Our low fat ice cream gives you the taste and texture that sets Dlites Emporium apart from every company and product in the industry.

It tastes UNREAL. And it’s low fat, sugar and carb. I just don’t know. If you have one near you – you should check it out. Seriously!

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