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An Extended View Of The Frigidaire Video I Did With Jennifer Garner

A few days ago, I posted about my trip to LA and why I was invited out there. Frigidaire invited several moms out to talk turkey with  Jennifer Garner. For every person that viewed the video off of their Facebook page, they were going to donate money to ‘Save the Children’. I was honored to be involved.

Today, I just wanted to post an extended version of the video. It was split into two groups – that’s why you see a swap out around the middle. 🙂

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  1. Quick question…is she wearing 10 inch heels? Or is she just really tall. Because I know you are not THAT short!

    1. she is TALL but I think she had 3 inches on my heels. but yeah – i would say she is 5 9 normally. im 5 5

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