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Extreme Couponing: Just Paid Tax This Week At Target! What A Deal!


Ok, watch the video to see what I bought for $.97 — which was the tax I should have paid on both items. I took advantage of Target’s stacking coupon policy which means that you are able to stack manufacturer coupons with mobile coupons with Target store coupons. It’s insane!!

The sites you need to duplicate these deals are HERE and HERE.

Have you started extreme couponing? Have you tried to get deals at Target? Couponing at Target is my new favorite hobby.

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  1. that is crazy awesome! 🙂 I’m trying to stock up on toiletry type stuff for a niece who’s having a really rough time (3 small kids, lost job, deadbeat ex paying nothing, blah blah), so you are inspiring me to give this a try. It’ll make my budget for helping her stretch a lot further (farther? – I’m too lazy to look it up LOL).

    1. You sign up and then just show the cashier the website page they text you. There is a bar code on it and she literally scans it! I have an IPHONE – you can’t print

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