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My Obsession with Naked Juices

About a year ago, I visited my sister in Texas and discovered Naked Juices. My life was never to be the same again.

Naked Juices are all natural fruit and vegetable juices that are beyond good for your body. I love love love that they tell you on the bottle how many fruits and vegetables are in the drink. They’re packed with vitamins and other good stuff. Some of them contain soy protein and whey. One of the things I love about Naked is that you can get your daily serving of fruits and vegetables by sipping on these delish drinks. When I’m drinking my Naked, I like to think about how long it would take me to sit and eat all the fruits and veges in that one bottle. I also love all the delish flavors it comes in. My absolute fave ones are Berry Veggie and Berry Blast. When I’m getting a cold, I drink the Power-C Machine. There was a period in time when I would have a Protein Zone Naked before heading to the gym.

They come in so many flavors that you’re bound to find one you love. If you don’t like thick juices, try ones with Coconut Water. If you’re watching your weight, they have Reduced Calorie Nakeds. Naked took over my world after that visit with my sister. I hunt for it wherever I go. My neighborhood grocery store recently got Naked and I was so very happy. Recently, I was tired and not in the mood to go to my friend’s house. His tactic to lure me over? “I’ve got Naked!”

They typically cost $3.50. My friend txted me a picture of some flavors of Naked for $2.90 at our local Target. They’re so worth it, though, when you compare it to the price of buying all the fruits and vegetables separately.

Naked Juices can be found in most stores and delis nationwide.

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  1. a co=worker let me taste one that had a blend with beets in it…….carrots and apple i think…it was pretty good

  2. I don’t think they sell this in NW, I will have to look for this brand, I know I would like it. Entering your Champion giveaway and looking at reviews that interest me for extra entries 🙂

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