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Daily Diary: A Typical Day In The Neighborhood

Yesterday, I could not find the energy to spend another full day in the city. I had an event called ‘Time to Play’ to attend plus a ‘Stella and Dot’ preview and food presentations with a Top Chef. Believe me, I WANTED TO BE THERE… but I’ve been running around since last Tuesday – so I sent Bill instead. I canceled the last two functions and had him just go to ‘Time To Play’ thinking that he would get home around 3. Well, he didn’t walk in the door until after 5:30! I should have just let him do it all.

That boy can’t go into the city without doing some personal food tour / exploration. He LOVES it.

Meanwhile, I had a very typical day – drop kids off to school, Starbucks run, work for 2 hours, pick Liam up, had a lunch play date, took Liam to sports, picked Natalie up from school, homework, baths, and cooked dinner.

Liam and I were NONSTOP all day. He was practically falling asleep at the dinner table. 🙂 It was cute. I went to bed at 9 myself.

I doubled the dose of my daily  migraine pills.  Haven’t told my doctor yet – seeing him next week. He started me on 10MG which is like… NOTHING. With my other doctor I was on 50MG. I am still suffering a bit from too many headaches, so I thought to double the dose to see if it does anything. I know I should consult first… but 10mg is a JOKE to me. It’s almost like not even taking anything. I know I should have called, but something tells me he would have doubled it anyway after I told him how many I had this month.

Oh and I’ll be working with CVS this holiday season!! Not so sure on the specifics yet, but they are hiring 5 bloggers and I am one of them. Can’t wait to hear full details.

Until tomorrow!

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  1. Honestly, I have found that being out of the city now really helps to choose when not to go in…when I was in the city, I was in everything and exhausted. I love the days, sometimes one after the other, when I am home and can focus on work and the kids and the routine of it all. Of course, it’s nice to be busy when that gets old too. But how lucky are we that we have that choice, huh? Hope you feel better, sorry about the migraines and thanks for the glimpse into your day. oxoxo

  2. Jealous, as always, over having the OPTION of going into the city. I’ll never stop pining for it.

    Congrats on the CVS job! That will be sooo fun, I’m sure! I love reading about your CVS ventures – someday they’ll open one close enough to me!

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