7 Things You Need To Pack In Your Carry On Bag When Flying

So, yesterday morning, I hopped on a plane and headed to LA. I’m only here for a few days and didn’t really want to check a bag (even though I really should have). Instead, I stuffed everything I needed into two small bags (including my laptop, SLR camera, all my chargers and my Nook). Needless to say, it was a tight squeeze.

Regardless, of how annoying it was to get it all in there – I will say I had everything I needed in my carry on bag. I thought I’d write a post about it in case you have a trip coming up and you need a little reminder.

An over-sized sweater. I wear one AND carry one on because I get cold very easily. Mid-flight I start wishing for a blanket and then remember that I sort of brought my own.

Comfy Socks: I’m the warmer months, I always wear flip flops when flying… but then my feet get SO COLD. As soon as I find my seat, I take off my shoes and put on some fluffy socks. That way I can criss cross my legs and get comfy. (I always sit window – so that’s possible if you angle towards the wall)

Reading Material: Those magazine racks always used to sucker me into spending extra money at the airport. Now, I have books already loaded up on my Nook OR I have books rented from the library. You have WEEKS to return books – so you can borrow one and return it after you get home from your trip.  Not a reader? Consider saving up your crossword puzzles / sudoko from the last week’s worth of newspapers.

Headphones: I always bring my own headphones. Otherwise, you’re dropping $2 here and there on cheap ones that never work. Stuff them in your bag the night before and rest easy knowing you will be able to hear the free Direct TV.

Travel Sized Lotion: I don’t know why – but my skin always gets SO DRY when I fly. Or maybe I have 6 hours to look at it and that’s when I realize I need to moisturize. I do my legs and my arms at least once when I’m in the air. It helps keep you hydrated.

Cleansing Towelettes: I also tend to get a little oily in the face when flying. So, I love to have wipes on hand to give myself a clean sweep.

Sunglasses: I don’t care if it’s the WINTER and it’s in the middle of the night. I always have sunglasses with me when I’m flying. If I want to go to sleep, I put them on and just doze off. It numbs the remaining light on the plane and acts as a shield to other people. I always find that everyone tries to talk to me when I fly alone. I think it’s a way for people to calm their nerves – start up a conversation and engage in small talk. Not into it. I rather just veg out, read a book or watch TV. The sunglasses seem to prevent those, “So, what do you do?” conversation starters. 🙂

And that’s it!! What do you always bring on board in your carry on bag while flying? Any must have flying essentials you’d like to share??

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  1. Great list! I bring all of the above except switch the Nook for an iPad. It’s great for reading and jotting/typing notes, post ideas,etc. I’m flying on Friday with a 3 week old so we’ll see how I fare lol. My load will be a tad heavier this time around.

    Other “must brings” – nuts and dried fruit mixed in a baggie (airport snacks are so ridiculously expensive!) and my Mophie iPhone case (seriously couldn’t travel without it as it literally doubles my charge.)

    1. I always forget you can bring food on a plane!! ALWAYS. I think you can’t – and then see people who did. UGH. I need to remember this one myself!!

  2. I think a must is noise reduction head phones, they really block out alot of noise!
    I am entering your champion giveaway for an extra entry 🙂

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