I Can’t Stop Wearing These Pants: Lose 5 Pounds Instantly

Over the summer, I worked with Champion on a few posts:

I didn’t really get a chance to check out their Shape Smoothing Pants until last week. It was just too hot to even THINK about putting these puppies on. Well, after Labor Day I decided to put them on and… I LOVE THEM. Even though my campaign has ended with the brand, I cannot pass up sharing this product with you.

It’s like Spanx for the entire lower half of your body. Do you understand what I am saying? I look like I lost weight when I wear them. It’s bananas. I’m seriously ALWAYS in them because it’s just easier than putting in the effort. LOL! I seriously wear them to run ALL errands now. Since it’s still decent weather, I’ve been pairing them with flip flops.

If you are looking to upgrade your gym gear OR if you are just looking for a really great pair of pants to wear day-to-day, give these a shot.

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