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Extreme Couponing At CVS: Spent $7 For Almost $80 Worth Of Goods (VIDEO)

I should have put some makeup on for this video. Man, I looked… exhausted. I didn’t really sleep last night and it SHOWS. Ugh. Not the point of the video though – so disregard.


I caught some amazing deals at CVS this week! Check out how I combined extreme couponing with ECB to bring home almost $80 worth of goods for around $7!

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  1. Um yeah.

    I need to go to CVS next Saturday for some major stuff. Instead, can I just shop at your house?
    I need a lot of stuff you just got, except the Ben Gay. That bad boy is all yours.

  2. hello, i just got question.. can i make a purchase of the same item that will give me a ECB in a same transaction? and can i make one transaction of all my items that will give me different ECB?

    1. you have to use your CVS CARD – so no. If it says “limit 1” then it’s a limit 1 per household. THOUGH I do know people who have two cards – one for their husbands too. Then you can do the deal at least one more time.

      If you tried to buy the same thing again, you won’t get any extra bucks .

      1. what if i got a coupon that said BOGO for an item that gave ECB would they gave me double ECB?

        and can i do one big transaction even do though most of the item will give me different ECB would it give me all the ECB?

        thank u.. im so confused..

        1. good question. In the circular it will show you the limit. It’s usually always a LIMIT 1 – which means that even if you buy 2 of the items, you will only get the extra bucks on ONE of the items. But if you have a b1g1 free coupon – it’s a great deal anyway.

          you get all the ecb – regardless how many different items you buy. this is why i LOVE CVS.

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