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The Power Commercials Have On Our Children (VIDEO)

I had to record my daughter a few days ago because she does this ALL THE TIME. She just starts to recite the benefits of product X over and over again. I mean, even when we are at the park or eating dinner, she will just start with these stats.

I miss Nick Jr. where there are no commercials… but the kids have grown up a bit and are now on Nick which is filled with advertisements.

Baby Bullet and Pack It are her two favorite ones.


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  1. It’s bitter sweet, isn’t it, when our children become sucked into consumerism. At least we can start teaching them early about being a savvy shopper!

    ….entering the digital frame giveaway

  2. So cute!!! My young cousins can remember ALL of the words for the QuickQuid money lending advert played on channel four in the adverts. It’s about 2 minutes long!!

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