Shazam Is Life Changing: The One App Everyone Needs To Purchase

Since the day I bought my iPhone, I downloaded the free version of Shazam. I KNEW I would love the ability to tag songs on the go.

But I never knew that I would use it SO MUCH.

JUST YESTERDAY I was in Starbucks and there was a song playing that I used to love. I went to Shazam it and couldn’t because I left my phone in the car. I was so UPSET!

Regardless, there was another song a few minutes later that I just had to own. Believe me, I make the most out of my lifetime subscription. Yes, I upgraded.

Just in case you don’t know what Shazam is, it’s an app that listens to a song (like 15 seconds of it) and then logs it for you. It’s like freaking magic. I could be anywhere and if I hear something I like, I whip that puppy out and point it to the sky. OBSESSED.

I was on the free version for a LONG time but recently upgraded to lifetime membership – for $5.99. Figured it would be worth the $6.

I hardly pay for apps… but I’m telling you that this one is worth it.

Also as you can see from the first image, it actually logs all your picks online. So, every now and then when I am working, I will log onto my account and buy all the songs I tagged throughout the week.



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