For $100 Gift From Simply Orange – Answer This Question #SimplyOJ

Share one small change you can make to help you release your OUTER beauty. (It’s important for moms to remember that it’s ok to take care of themselves.)

The $100 gift will go towards whatever you answer – so be honest!

Plain and simple.

As a finale to our Twitter party tonight with Simply Orange, we are offering a $100 gift to help you get to a better you.

Juggling children and work and a marriage can be trying – we all deserve a special little treat.

Leave your comment below to enter!! And good luck!!

Full rules / details here.

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  1. Drink lots and lots of Simply OJ it helps to keep me healthy on the inside and beauty on the outside!! @Unkatchable73

  2. I would buy a card to our local yoga studio– to make sure I feel as good as I look! (or look as good as I feel?)

  3. My change is actually getting up an hour early before work and working out… I really need to loose some body fat and lower my cholesterol.


  4. I could use a good pampering at a hair salon to boost my self-esteem. My hair is such a mess right now from trying to color it myself at home.

  5. A spa day would help me release my outer beauty! Stress free and tranquility.

  6. I have started having more fun and stopped thinking of all of the work I have to do. Work will never be done but fun only have a certain time limit πŸ™‚

  7. I would like to not start walking every morning to get rid of stress and lose weight. I want to do it for myself and have started this past week. So ready to shine!!!

  8. I would start buying products that are more expensive and work better. Not just generics b/c they are on sale and everyone else in the family seems to need something. @zebastyandylan//
    Thank you for the party! I had a great time.

  9. Drink water and moisturize! Seriously moisturize! You just don’t know how much your skin needs it until it is too late πŸ˜‰

  10. My change is to make time out of each day to exercise! Whether it’s walking the dog or hitting the gym, you really have to make fitness a habit!

  11. I know I have to smile more and be truly thankful for what I do have! Being unemployed and sick the past few years have brought me down! I have a wonderful boyfriend who means the world to me and I realize I have to stop worrying so much and enjoy the moment right now!

  12. run when stressed instead of eating…helps with weight, destresses and makes me a happier person

  13. Go for a manicure. Pretty nails go a long way for making you feel goood @mellanhead

  14. I need to start doing a beauty regime for myself before I go to sleep at night! Right now I just wash with soap and water, not that great! I need to start pampering myself more, at-home facials would be amazing!!! πŸ˜€ @VectoringMomma

  15. Get plenty of sleep! (Something I need to work on lol)

    It’s so important to looking & feeling great!!

    Thank you so much for a fun party!!



  16. I need to take time for myself to get into shape! It would definitely make me feel better about my outer beauty!

  17. I need to use better quality products on my face! I’ve got pretty good skin, but I want it to stay that way for as long as possible!

  18. for my outer beauty, I could def do my hair more often instead of always up in pony tail. πŸ™‚ Honest! πŸ™‚

    thanks for the party!

  19. Drink lots of h20 for great looking skin and drink lots of simply OJ for lots of vitamin C. Great immune system means great health which will shine through. Oh and let your mommy ponytail out once in a while because you are beautiful!

  20. A smile can make the biggest difference because without saying anything you have the power to make somebody else smile. I also love confusing people who may make me mad by smiling instead. πŸ˜‰ LOL

  21. I would want 2 finally go 2 a spa have someone pamper me make me fill like a millon bucks. I would necer spend that much on myself i alsways find things that the boys need first. DiandraN26

  22. Dress for YOUR body and you will not only FEEL beautiful, but look beautiful as well!

  23. By finally hitting the gym regularly, eating better and losing the post baby weight I’ve carried around since the twins (4yrs ago).

  24. I would love a membership to my local gym so I could take some exercise classes – I need some “me” time away from the kids and a way to get my post-natal body back in shape! Thanks for the awesome chance!!!

  25. One thing to do is really take care of yourself.. Make time for you. Eat your breakfast.. take your vitamins. Drink lots of water. Get some excersice in your schedule. It;s ok to take some well derserved YOU “ME” time. Be happy.

  26. i wanna eat better so i can be around longer for my children and grand kids too.

  27. If i could add more vegetables and fruit to my diet, I think I would feel better and my skin and appearance would show my healthier choice of foods.

  28. i would read more classic literature! and also read the cambridge analysis of it too!

  29. Execrising, working out and random acts of kindness plays the role.. Make time for breakfast (im horrible at that!)

  30. Get plenty of sleep! It’ll do wonders for your outside, as well as your inside and your disposition πŸ™‚

  31. By making time to treat myself and take care of myself For example, setting the example to keep important medical appointments and by splurging once in a while on things I like such as a hot new nail polish, a book I’ve been dying to read & a chic handbag to put it in!


  32. I would set the guilt aside and buy myself new clothes. After back to school and growing kiddos there is never enough $ left for mommy. I have the hardest time taking care of me…the guilt eats me up.

  33. For me outer beauty is often coinciding with inner beauty. It has been on my heart for years to host 4 girlfriend getaways to friends and their friends, and new friends. The purpose of the weekend would be to pamper each lady outwardly, at the same time using the weekend to be an encouraging and motivating force in their lives. I have a background in meeting planning and site inspection which would help to accomplish this. Would love to have my first GF getaway weekend this November in FL. @projecthope7

  34. TTo release my outer beauty I need to ake time out for myself too!

  35. Eat healthier – less junk! It’s so easy to fall into the rut of fast and easy – and unhealthy!

  36. Take more walks! Take the kids out for a walk, healthy, and fun! Will increase Cognition by 20% and… Just make everyone feel like smiling, smile more often is one change I’d make!

  37. I agree with Arianah. I feel so guilty spending any of the clothing budget on myself. Kids are always outgrowing things and need new clothes. My husband is the one who is working full time and needs to look professional. I’m a Mom. No one cares what I look like.

  38. I would love a day at the hair salon for some pampering to help release my outer beauty.

  39. I’m always needing a bit of outer beauty as far manicures and pedicures go. Seriously I think my body could use a spa day to clean me up with facials, toes, nails etc at least once every 2 months. Instead usually 1 time per year lol

  40. Get a better night’s sleep. I could use some new pillows (mine do not provide enough support) & sheets (my faves are falling apart!).


  41. @kristrange I do pilates to get my pre baby body back I like fitting into my skinny jeans!

  42. Finding the time to exercise with a personal trainer would help release my outer beauty. It seems juggling a full time teaching job and 3 kids makes exercise a low priority most days.

  43. One small change I can make to help me release my OUTER beauty is relax and do what i love….crafting! The more relaxed and happy I am, the more radiant and beautiful I look!

  44. I think you should always make yourself presentable. When I don’t I seem to be unproductive.

  45. Smile. It is really so simple but so easily forgotten about. I think smiling instantly brightens the eyes, the cheeks and in turn the face. I may not always have time for eyeliner & gloss, but I can definitely find time to smile!

    (I want to apologize for not being at the last minutes of the twitter chat – I went to twitter jail! lol -its been a long time since I’ve done that that I couldn’t remember the password to my jail acct!! I’m actually still in β€˜jail’ as I post this!)

  46. I would like to make more “me” time, and I would like to stop “beating myself up” for not being perfect. Maybe “good enough” can be my new “perfect” @martiferg

  47. to release my outer beauty I need to connect more with my inner beauty…by making time for me more of priority…to be able to get together with a friend, get a massage, take a yoga class, etc…

  48. One small change I could make is to remember to put hand cream on as often as possible. My hands get so dry- it’s NOT pretty.

  49. I want to exercise more and get a scale so I can keep track of my weight loss. I hope to get at least close to my weight before I had my 3 kids!

    Good luck everyone!! πŸ™‚

  50. The thing that I like to do to show some outer beauty is to get facials once every few weeks… it is amazing how one small thing helps me to feel so much better about my skin and myself!

  51. I need to dye my hair to cover the gray so thats what I would use it for! I desperately need it. LOL!

  52. Every so often it’s great to treat myself to a relaxing pedicure and pick out a pretty polish for my toes. I wear sandals all the time, so my toes are always exposed. It really makes me feel nice when I look down and see polished toes with a color that makes me smile.

  53. I would definitely put the money towards new clothes for myself. I recently have been loving Old Navy clothes. I am finally starting to lose some of this extra weight from my last baby. Clothes are definitely needed.

  54. One small change I could make to release my outer beauty would be to get more sleep!
    I could get in bed earlier if I really wanted to and it would make me look & feel refreshed
    and rejuvenated!

  55. This year has been a bad one for me it has been one health issue after another. I lost 29 pounds due to this and I have nothing to wear to work. I normally buy the majority of my dress clothes at second hand stores because I can’t afford dept stores and the good will that is close to me closed. I would love a new outfit that fits and is not baggy.

  56. RELAX! Take time out from the chaos and just enjoy life preferably on a daily basis. A simple way that my family does this is a daily picnic on the patio. It changes the family dynamic of the family dinner. WE unwind, relax, enjoy the simple beauty of the garden surrounding us. The(not so) simple art of relaxing lowers the blood pressure, releases the tension and makes you happier. When you are happy, you SMILE more and your outer beauty can’t help but shine.

  57. I think what I would do to for my outer self, if I could do this, is spend time one day doing whatever I wanted to do. Go to a grown up movie, have lunch at a “real” restaurant and buy some decent shoes to walk around in. I know, sounds boring but, it’s what I don’t get to do ever.

  58. To release my OUTER beauty I need to take some small breaks for ME TIME throughout the day.

  59. So My Husband and I had twin boys 2 months and 2 weeks ago since then I’ve been sleepless, foodless, and meless!!!! I am A full time mom and my husband is a marine so he is always working. I have no time for myself and I’m pooped I would love to take a spa day and relax a bit, get my hair done and look pretty just for one day. I really would love to win

  60. Hi,

    One small change I can make to help me release my OUTER beauty is to eat more healthy foods like fruit and vegetables and drink more water.

    Thanks !

  61. My daughter and I both want to join a gym and exercise together. Exercise and getting in better shape will release our inner beauty, however my family’s expenses are very limited and stretched right now.

  62. I need more time to do things for me…exercise, reading. It’s hard w/ 2 little ones!!!

  63. This year is my boot camp year. I started in February, counting calories, doing Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred Dvd and riding the exercise bike for an hour five days a week. I even have enlisted the complete cooperation of everyone in the house. They make sure that I can have the house to myself for a half an hour for my exercise video, and even the cats and dogs disperse when they hear the music cue up. LOL

    But being really tightly focused on those things, tends to make me forget the other little things that might actually help make me feel better too. I haven’t had a hair cut since last Christmas, and I’d love to go out and but some makeup and moisturizes to add to the agenda. Thanks for the chance!

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