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What A Difference A Few Years Make


Do you remember these? Smoking gum? Both my parents smoked and I was obsessed with them. They disappeared for a few decades and I just found them while on Fire Island. Had to take a pic!!!

What a difference a few years can make!! We know so much more. Makes you think about what we will be offended of 20 years from now that’s so common practice today.

Tanning I am sure. Keratin? Possibly.

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  1. Vera I really used to love those things! There is a place up in New Hampshire called Chutters candy story which boasts the guiness book of world records longest candy counter. NOt surprisingly they have them, and I always grab a box when I’m there. Thanks for bringing back the good old days in your post!

  2. The gum cigarettes were quite rare in the Netherlands (had them maybe once or twice), but you could find chocolate cigarettes everywhere.. And yes everyone was obsessed, eventhough they didn’t even taste like real chocolate.

  3. I loved the gum ones with the powder coated on them and then wrapped in paper so before you unwrapped it and chewed the gum, you could pretend you were really smoking because the powder puffed like smoke. LOL! It NEVER made me want to smoke real cigarettes as a kid. It was just a novelty.

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