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The Trust We Put In Our Hair Salons (OR I Think I Went Too Blonde!)

Yesterday, I went to get my hair highlighted and just went with whatever my colorist said. I think I went too light… and the timing is really bad because tomorrow I’m heading back to the city to shoot a few more “commercials” for The Rachael Ray Magazine. I’m waiting for them to kick me right out that room! It’s definitely lighter than I’ve ever been in my LIFE! And I’ve been light before…


But, while it was happening, I just went with it. I really like this lady and I told her I wanted to go lighter than the last time. I guess I should have been more specific. I’m DYING!!!

This morning, I ran out to the supermarket and the owner (who I am friendly with) kept complimenting me – so maybe it’s not as bad as I see it. He said I just wasn’t used to it. My colorist absolutely loved the new, lighter look. I don’t know. I still do not know.

If I didn’t have that shoot tomorrow, I really wouldn’t care. I would ride it out until the next time I had to go in, but I’m just so scared they are going to reject me!

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

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  1. You may just need time to adjust your “eyes” to it. The picture above isn’t doing you any favors though. LOL!

  2. I bet they’ll love it! Just don’t run out and try to get it fixed beforehand = it might be a disaster. I think you should post it – I bet it looks terrific!

  3. Change is good, and it’s summer 🙂

    Wendy, your comment about the photo made me laugh!

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