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    OBSESSING Over Dry Shampoo: BlowPro Faux Dry

    I just had a very long conversation with a few friends last night about my love affair with dry shampoo. I didn’t have time to wash my hair yesterday but I still looked pretty put together. My two favorite things as of late is a shower cap and dry shampoo. You can take  a quick body shower and save the hour long process of styling your hair when in a pinch.

    Introducing Blow Faux Dry Dry Shampoo . According to the brand:

    A dry shampoo that helps to instantly remove excess oil and buildup without water. Our exclusive “poof technology” dispenses fine milled powder at the root. This is a must have product for anyone who wants to “reenergizes” day old blow dried hair. Safe for color-treated and processed hair.
    This dry shampoo dramatically transforms limp locks with Blow’s exclusive pure protein blend of amaranth, lupine and wheat. The perfect solution for the fashionable girl on the go, Faux Dry cleanses hair, absorbs excess oil with micronized corn starch and instantly volumizes at the roots without weighing down locks. Unlike other dry shampoos, Faux Dry won’t leave behind a powdery residue or make a mess, thanks to its exclusive fool-proof application.

    Never tested on animals. Free of sulfates, parabens and artificial fillers.

    Mind you – don’t expect to use this product for several days in a row. It’s really to extend the life of your blow out by a day or two AT MOST. And it really doesn’t CLEAN your hair – it just removes the excess oil at the roots.

    So, how do you use it?

    Shake well. Holding bottle upright 6-8 inches away from hair, divide hair into sections and squeeze middle of bottle until translucent “poufs” of fine powder appear. Massage into scalp and brush or comb hair as usual.

    Do you use dry shampoo?

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    1. Dry shampoo is the best when you have small kids. I have never tried this one but I have tried many. Klorane works great!

    2. Yes, love it! Dry shampoo is so great when you are in a pinch for time. Some brands are a hit or miss, but my fav is Oscar Blandi.

    3. i’ve tried dry shampoos but they never worked for me.. maybe this one will? I will have to try it

    4. I use Oscar Blandi as well, Kelly Rippa’s hair is the best advertising ever! I’m cheap though, I use the powder and not the spray. Maybe that (or you know the team of stylists) would get me her KILLER hair.

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