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Stop And Shop Coupon Deals: I Saved $42.31 And Spent $25.44


I wish there were more blogs out there that focused on Stop and Shop. The Northeast is DYING for someone to own this puppy and run with it. I did the best I could on my own, but I am NOT as good couponing for food. I watch ‘Extreme Couponing’ each week and I ask myself, “HOW DO THEY DO THAT???”

The best I could get the bill down to was $25 and that’s on a $67 original total – not a $6,000 like you see on TLC. I WISH!!!

Some things I bought because I had to buy them. Others were on sale:

  • Danimals Yogurt – $2.99 ($1/1 coupon)
  • Nesquick 10 for 10 – I had 3 $.50 off coupons which doubled – (3 FREE)
  • Newmans Lemondade: $2.50 – had $.50 coupon which doubled
  • Luna Bar – $1 – had $.50 coupon which doubled (FREE)
  • Lava Chocolate Brownies $5/2 – no coupon – i just neeeeded this
  • Bageful – $2 – $.55 coupon which doubled
  • Arm & Hammer detergent $2.39 (bought 2) – $1/2 coupon
  • Cake Mix and frosting – $4ish – $.75 off which doubled
  • Cheeze Its – $5/2 – Had 2 $.70 coupons which doubled
  • Ritz Crackerfuls – $5/2 – Had 2 $.75 off coupons
  • 2 Liter Diet Coke – $1 – Had $1 Off – bought 2 (2 FREE)
  • Chocolate Brownies – $1 – had $.50 off coupon which doubled
  • Blueberries – B1G1 $5

So all in before my Stop and Shop Savings card, the total was $67.75

With all the discounts and coupons – I ended up at $25.44
TECHNICALLY  – if I didn’t get those blueberries and lava brownies… my total would have been $15. But whatever!


All the coupons were either from the newspaper OR from my other blog

Do you know of any sites that talk about saving at Stop and Shop? BECAUSE I WOULD LOVE TO START FOLLOWING THEM!!!!!

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  1. More importantly if u goto shell gas stattion w ur stop and shop card u get 10 cents, 20 cents, 30 cents off gas.

  2. I too watch extreme couponing and have decided that the people on the shows are mostly in the south and west part of the country which have better stores. I lived in the South and can honestly say they have better grocery store deals then we do.

  3. Hi There! I love your blog! I just started watching extreme couponing and I am hooked, but I am completely overwhelmed AND yet feel challenged to understand and at least figure some of this out. But I love that you have explained in simple terms how to get started. I also love that you are realistic and that there are things that you get just because. I can’t rap my head around these people on that show, but need to understand at least the minimum of what they do. I need to accomplish a great deal at least once, and I will follow your blog to help me get started. THANK YOU!!!

  4. Hi Vera,

    I’ve been couponing for years (far from ‘extreme’ though), but first time visit to your blog.
    Just wanted to give you support– there are a lot of blogs out there that mention Stop&Shop, but it’s basically just a list (including a blog mentioned before my post). I came across your blog and am happy you give a narrative and a little personality to the mundane task of match-ups…. thank you!

  5. Nevermind, I was too quick to hit ‘submit’ and noticed the date afterwards 🙁

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