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This Week’s CVS Run: Step By Step Instructions On How You Can Save (VIDEO)

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  1. How do you get the dollar reward buck? One thing I am very confused about is: On the coupon they will say “Limit one coupon per purchase” so if you can only use one, how are people able to get like 20 etc of the same product?

    1. you cant do that at CVS. Thats why I basically only spend like 60-70 before coupons / discounts. I know people who have their husbands sign up for an account and they do everything twice- but that’s about it.

      The dollar reward bucks are from special deals in the circular. You check each week to see what will earn you money back (to use at CVS the following week). It prints out on the bottom of your CVS receipt. Then you bring that in the next week and use it as cash.

  2. Hey there! I’ve been reading your blog for about two weeks now, and your CVS shopping trips amaze me! I’m just wondering where you get all your coupons for CVS? I am just starting to get into couponing, and the only stores worth messing with around here would be CVS and Target. So I’m hoping you could give me some suggestions for at least CVS?…. It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    1. You have to sign up and give them your email address – they send you one a week (5 off of 20 or something like that – they are good). Then I get TWO newspapers each week. And I print a bunch of coupons online – typically has them all. I keep everything in a binder and clean it out twice a month for expired coupons.

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