Walking on wood(en) clogs

I know: Clogs aren’t for everyone. But the trend that started in 2010 is still going strong for spring 2011. My  personal favorites are from Sanita. I have two pairs in constant rotation right now and I can walk forEVER in them. I love the wooden soled designs for their…design. (Somehow they don’t look as clunky as the rubber soled varieties, though they are (almost) as comfortable.)  The Sanita Santa Maria has a 2.5″ heel, making it perfect to wear with dark/dressy jeans (

The Alba are my favorites for everyday (

And there are wooden “clogs” that don’t look like, well, clogs. Check these out

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  1. i have a pair from a few years ago, banana republic. I love them! And theyre way more comfy than I expected.

  2. There was a big wooden clog trend when I was in high school in the early 1990s. I had a pair of suede turquoise clogs I LOVED in the store, but they absolutely killed my feet.

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