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If I Take Another Vitamin…


Oh my word. By now, you are probably noticing I’m on this health kick. One thing I’ve wanted to start (for about 6 years) is consistently taking vitamins. My neurologist suggested a few (B12 and Magnesium), then there are hair/nails ones that I bought, Fish Oil, a daily (yes, that’s a Flinstone) and… I’m sure I’m missing one.

In the end, I had to buy one of those pill cases. Yes, I am a 98 year old woman. But seriously – how can you keep up with all of this?!

I can’t even take them all in one sitting. I have to split it out into two meals. I hope this actually works!

Do you take vitamins? How many a day?

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  1. I take one multivitamin tab a day and fishoil omega 3 from time to time.
    I think it wouldn’t be necessary, our food provides us with most things..
    but as I have a stressful job I find it helps my immnune system.

  2. I take a prenatal. My OB recc to continue taking it while breastfeeding. I also take Caltrate (4 pills per day) since I was developing a calcium deficiency.

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