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I Tried Fake Eyelashes – AND LOVED THEM!

You can really tell with this shot since it’s so close up, but I got to use fake eyelashes yesterday!! The makeup artist for the Emeril show (which I will write about later) put them on one at a time – can you imagine?? She put a little glue on her hand and used a tweezer to apply and they stayed on until I wiped my makeup off at night.

So great!

A friend told me she knows a place that will put semi-permenant ones on for $20 (and they last for 2 weeks). I might give it a shot.

Have you ever used fake eyelashes before?

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  1. H, Vera-
    One of my best friends- yolanda- does amazing eyelashes! You may have met her a while back at orlys. Let me know if you want her number. She can see you at your home or at the salon shes at.

    1. Can you tell us which salon she works at. I’ve wanted to try them but i am scared since my eyes are sensitive but I think I’ve muster up the courage to try em now. (i’m on LI)

  2. Those actually look really good too. They aren’t over-the-top or too dramatic like a lot of false lashes. Love them!

  3. Oh love them! They look really natural! I’ve always wanted to try them, but usually wind up making a mess of it. lol

  4. A friend got hers fake eyelashes and said will stays on for a year! ??? I love how it looks on you.

  5. I was just going to ask how long they stay on? Some can for a year??? Wow. They look great!
    (TykeRider comment)

  6. They look fantastic! My sister-in-law is a make up artist and has been wanting to try them on me but I’ve been too chicken (I also have sensitive eyes). But they look so good I think I will give it a go. Hope the look as nice as yours.

  7. I’ve always wanted to try fake lashes but have been too afraid! I’d like to try the ones with the strings–those look a lot easier to apply–I think they are made by KISS?

  8. i love fake eyelashes! And those look sooo natural and pretty. I’ve only tried the strip kinds form (that’s where i get my eyelashes – love love love their prices and quality), but after seeing this, i will try the individual kinds. Hopefully i won’t fail too bad. lol. I want to achieve the same look as you. Are those the ones that look like single hairs, or the ones that are flared out?

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