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Get Goddess Legs with Tracy Anderson and Venus

Thanks to the delayed summer we have an extra time to get bikini ready. Thanks to Tracy Anderson and Venus it just got easier!

I joined Tracy Anderson and Venus for a work-out session and a sneak peak at Venus’ new and improved products.

Tracy is the goddess of workouts; she transformed bodies of many celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez. Now you too can get personal sessions with Tracy, in your house, on your time. The new “Metamorphosis” program guarantees to rebuild your body, if you’re willing to dedicate an hour a day, 6 days a week to cardio and follow the nutrition plan.  The program is a collection of DVDs, made for four different body types, meant to target your trouble areas without making you buff.

I tried Metamorphosis for past two days and even though it has been challenging to follow the moves and get through the cardio it is also a lot of fun and I can feel the results as my muscles are starting to ache.

For more insight visit Tracy Anderson’s website

Check out Venus ProSkin which prevents skin from some of the adverse effects of shaving, and the product I’m really excited about: Venus Bikini Trimmer

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  1. Great info- I’m going to look into her DVD’s. Starting a workout regimin soon and need to decide what to do…
    (TykeRider comment)

  2. I ordered and started the metamorphosis 1 week ago. The “body sculpt” component is really great, I can feel my small muscles aching, so I know they are really awaking. Furthermore, I just love her moves, they are great, all of them.

    I am also enjoying the cardio, but I find she switches from one move to the other too quickly. At the end I just do whatever jumping around I can, too exhausted to think about what she is showing me. Anyway, it will probably improve with time.

    I am really selling this workout to all my colleagues, I enjoy it so much, I feel it’s so feminine!

    Also, since yesterday, I tried to mix the two components all at once, which makes a sort of interval training. Well, it’s not quite an interval, since the period of high intensity and the period of low intensity are too long ( a little longer than 5 minutes each), but I will see on the long term if it makes sense. I just wanted to compare if I could loose more weight.

    Anyway, enjoy it, it’s great !

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