Wait A Minute – Hanes Makes What?

Yes, we all know Hanes makes undershirts, bras, socks and underwear. But did you know that there’s a WHOLE OTHER SIDE TO THE BRAND? A few weeks ago, I joined the rest of the Hanes Comfort Crew for a week of fun and social media conversation and learned a few great things I want to pass along.

I’m about to blow your mind…

So, Hanes makes pantyhose. You MIGHT have come across this during one of your recent runs to Target or Walmart. BUT did you know that….

Hanes makes SHAPEWEAR! STOP IT!!!  I almost arm wrestled someone for that piece on the mannequin. How utterly excited! Shapewear can be uncomfortable (to say the LEAST). It’s nice to know that Hanes – a brand KNOWN for providing quality and comfort – stepped in this arena.

The brand also has Daddy and Me shirts. You can dress your little man in a V neck – just like his dad. 🙂

But here’s the cherry on top. Hanes also has dresses and shirts beyond the tank! I was FLIPPING when I saw this. How great is the above dress for the summer?

For more info and to see the rest of their line, visit

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