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I Chipped My Front Tooth!

How the heck did this happen?? It’s not extreme – but my front tooth is now officially chipped. I don’t think you can notice it if you weren’t looking, but I am VERY MUCH AWARE of the sensation. I’m sensitive and the front is rough when I rub my tongue against my teeth.


I guess I have to go to the dentist to get this fixed, but I have no insurance! UGH!! I am AFRAID to hear how much this is going to cost me and what exactly has to be done to fix it. Will I need a cap? Oh my goodness —

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  1. oh no! that’s happened to me before, they just put some white stuff over your tooth ( like they do to fill in cavities) and voila! youre out of there in like 30 minutes tops! good luck 🙁

  2. I chipped my front tooth and the dentist used a hardening putty to patch the chip so to speak. He matched the color of the putty to my tooth so you can’t even tell. I’m guessing that’s what they’ll do for you.

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