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Extreme Couponing: My CVS Run! See How Much I Saved (VIDEO)

I snuck out of my house with a handful of coupons and FINALLY made it to CVS this week. I’ve been ITCHING since Sunday to get there and was able to snag a pretty good deal. Check out the video to see what I bought, how much I saved, and what I earned for next week. WOOT! WOOT! Extreme Couponing is a girl’s best friend.

The extra coupons that I didn’t mention are Extra Reward Bucks from last week that I held onto. That $1 ERB I got was from not using plastic bags. For every 4th visit you DON’T USE a bag, you get $1 back. Learn more about that here.

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  1. Just got back from my CVS run. I bought 40.92 worth of goods, had $4 in coupons, $9.50 in CVS extra bucks, spending a total of $12.61 including tax. And got another $4 in CVS EB!

    However, very sad as the checkout person told me they would NO LONGER accept computer printed coupons!! Is this a nationwide thing, just in Dallas, TX or maybe just at this store???

  2. Vera, cute pic! When you stare like that at your monitor, are you staring at yourself? Is the video feedback popping up right in front of you?

    1. yes 🙂 my monitor shows where it’s fllming – you keep forgetting to look at the camera and instead go straight to the monitor. im learning still LOL

      1. No, you do fine 🙂 I was just wondering because I KNOW if it were me, I would be staring at myself in sheer paranoia. I make the weirdest, most awfulest (is that a word even?) known to man. Seriously. I see pictures of myself and I scream! lol
        I have made sample videos of myself, and I always flub my lines.

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