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And So It Begins…

Natalie is in love.  And yes, I’m known for being a bit dramatic at times – but I kid you not. She’s been head over heels for this boy in her class and it looks like he feels the same way about her.

I’ve only seen 4 interactions between them and each one is more adorable than the last. The most recent involves their school playground.

  • Natalie whipped out this drawing she did to show her “boyfriend” and the two of them dissected the work of art together sitting on a bench with their heads touching. The boy asked Natalie questions about her design and she answered each one carefully. It lasted a few minutes. They were really sharing a moment. I watched in admiration. It was so simple then wasn’t it? So beautiful to watch.
  • Then comes the flower. The playground is filled with daffodils. The children pick them each day (despite the parents telling them not to) and give them out as presents. The boy found this red flower out of nowhere. There was no other like it in the space and he ran to give it to Natalie. He said that she should have the prettiest flower in the playground. She was elated!! (I won’t get into how some of the girls then made her cry and told her they wouldn’t be her friend because they didn’t have the flower b/c that would kill the story, wouldn’t it?) When Natalie came home, she didn’t let go of that flower. After all, HE gave it to her.

She really loves him. And not in some dirty, inappropriate way. I mean genuinely loves him. And it’s so beautiful to watch because it’s so simple and true. Maybe she will forget this boy as she ages – but I will certainly not. He brought me more joy than I think he will ever know.

Do you remember your first crush? I do  – his name was Johnny Patrick and we were in the second grade. I LOVED him – but he was uninterested in me. I saw him many years later after I married and I wanted to tell him how I felt – but thought it would be a little strange coming from a 30+ year old. 🙂

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  1. Soo cute!

    Mine was a boy named Robert. I remember girls picking on me because it wasn’t cool to hang out with a boy.

  2. It’s funny because as a teen and young adult, I was ultra-independent and did not need a boyfriend, lol, BUT in grade school the cutest boy in school, David Matthai, and I were boyfriend/girlfriend for years and even talked marriage! Marriage in the cute, little way that kids talk because they assume it’s just “what you do”. I remember we even kissed, hahahaha

  3. my daughter had a similar little first love. they met at daycare when she was only a year old and were always best buddies. as they got older he would tell his mom that he was going to marry my daughter. we moved away after she finished kindergarten, and i hate to admit that i haven’t kept in touch. i still think of him often though.

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