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Boys Will Be Boys: Liam Playing Baseball (VIDEO)

Just wanted to put up a quick video I made of Liam during his Baseball practice. I LOVE the coach TO DEATH. He really is such a great guy and keeps the kids running and having fun the entire hour.

Also want to point out that I made the entire video on my iPhone. I mean – cut all the separate shots together, added transitions and titles, compressed it, and uploaded it to YouTube. ALL BEFORE I GOT TO MY CAR WHEN PRACTICE WAS OVER.

Holy hey now!

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  1. Hi Vera-

    I loved the video of Liam playing baseball. The program looks great. Just wondering what baseball program that was. I live on Long Island and I am trying to find a baseball program like that for my son, who is 4 years old. Whatever information you can provide me would be great!


  2. You have coach Brett! He’s awesome…my friend and I, who took soccer tots with him, always thought he would be a great Manny 🙂

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