What To Pair With Blue Heels – Three Choices

I’m sitting here at Starbucks working and minding my own business (or being nosy – however you want to angle it) and overheard two women talking about blue high heels. One of them purchased a new pair and has NO idea what to do now.

Her friend really didn’t offer much advice – a little black dress. WHICH IS TRUE! Of course – a pop of color from your accessories can completely change the look of a closet staple.

But here are a few more options to consider.

Beige skirt with any colored top. I can envision this skirt with something light and floral on top (that might have some of the blue from the shoe) or something from the opposite side of the spectrum . The beige and the blue are just perfect together.

A floral dress (this rom this moment floral dress is $45 – is also another great option. Purchase one that has a hint of blue in it so it makes sense.

OR go CRAZY and think lots of color!! Pair a colorful tank like this Chinti and Parker Cotton version ($70 – with skinny jeans and fun jewelry.

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  1. I agree w/all of your choices, Vera. I wear a lot of black. Or brown. Or grey. lol…maybe I should be a New Yorker…anyway, I have a collection of bright colored flats and I wear them w/my everyday outfit. Adds some color – people really notice the shoes and I get a lot of compliments..

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