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This Was Me – All Sunday

I STILL have to get to writing about my experience with Getting Gorgeous this weekend, but I’m not quite ready yet because that’s going to be a MAJOR brain dump. Instead, I wanted to show you this picture Bill snapped of me last night. I was immobile.

My dogs were wrapped around me keeping me warm and  I just snuggled on the couch regenerating. The day was one I will never forget. So many wonderful women. So many amazing brands. So much positive energy. We couldn’t have asked for a better recipe. 🙂

Happy Monday!!

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  1. That picture is expected especially after a day you had. You were nonstop for probably months! It was great though. I had such a fabulous time and I loved seeing everyone’s smile. You did GOOD! thanks Vera and Audrey!

  2. You and Audrey did an amazing job. Everyone had a terrific time, the brands were engaging, the swag was superb, and the conversations were compelling. You guys created a memorable moment, not only for yoursevles–but for everyone there. Congratulations! As an aside, awesome to finally meet you…and thanks for the thrill…no wonder you are so popular, do you greet everyone that way? ; )

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