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Just Used A Personal Shopper At Bloomingdale’s


Have you ever wanted to try using a personal shopper while in a major department store? It’s a free service, but I was always too nervous about the whole thing.  Typically, I don’t need help shopping – I need help STOPPING. LOL – ask my husband.

But today, my mind was in a million different places and the last thing I wanted to deal with was choosing my outfit for ‘Getting Gorgeous with Degree’ this Saturday. I went in thinking BLAZER but wanted to try out a few more options before settling. I walked into the personal shopping area and luckily they were able to take me. You usually need an appointment.

I told her about the event (as loosely as I could – as I didn’t want to say I was throwing a beauty and fashion expo and need help with fashion) and she said to come back in 20 minutes. I walked around the mall a bit (and ended up buying a blazer at Ann Taylor which I am going to keep because it’s SO NICE) and returned to Bloomingdale’s to see what Toni (my gal) chose for me.

She had like a good 25 items waiting! I almost DIED. She KNEW my size (which was crazy) and pretty much hit my style on the head. I ended up buying 3 things out of the large selection she offered and have officially been converted.

Have you ever tried using a personal shopper before? Give it a try!!

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