Great Tips From Chris Brogan: Disney Social Media Conference Round Up

Chris Brogan is a speaker at this year’s Disney Social Media conference and I sat through his speech taking notes. Here they are:
  • Don’t be the centerpiece – be the catalyst.
  • Ask yourself why – OFTEN
  • Why should I be doing this???
  • Service: This is your full time job
  • “Sales is delicious if you do it right”
  • Read the book, “Reality is Broken”
  • Ask yourself – “Then what? Then what?”
  • Stop coasting – it’s not always fun if you are winning games that are too easy. Test yourself
  • Attention as a currency — if you don’t have time , then you don’t have what you need to build your brand
  • How to you get attention? You give it to get it.  Leave comments at the bottom of other blogs
  • Raise other people up — help others that are smaller than you and it will come full circle
  • Start finding others that are doing interesting things and HELP THEM
  • Be a connector  – be the “go to guy” – the one that shares and brings people together: you will be the elbow at every deal
  • Everything is content
  • Start with you. Make you whole first. take care of yourself. THEN take care of the others. Which will in turn become a community.
  • Look at your website as a home base. Using social media to drive traffic back
  • Distribution is golden – one you have distribution down you can get so much more gold out of the world.
  • You want more distribution – have to change how you monetize. It’s hard to get all the conversations managed.
  • Be sure to have the Facebook Like on your posts – opportunity to have other people connect to your information
  • Get everyone using distribution channels
  • —  tool to help distribute video content around web
  • Editing is good manners when it comes to video!!
  • Kodak Z18 – has an external mic if you want to start video blogging
  • Ignore comments on YouTube – they are harsh and not worth the effort
  • Where is the next new Twitter? NOT FourSquare.
  • CRAP: Connections / Referrals / Attention (or awareness) / Presence (be places – be online- have content available)
  • Always Be Connecting: THE ABCs
  • How much should you blog? How much attention do you want??
  • MONEY TALK: We spend too little time thinking about money. Don’t think high level. SET A GOAL. I want to earn X amount MORE this year. Then break it down and figure out how.
  • WP Touch – Mobile Translation for WordPress
  • How to manage time: stop keeping a million windows open. Work on what you need to work on – and leave everything else alone.
  • Branding only works on cattle — stop trying so hard to define yourself and just do YOU
  • Good enough is good enough: RE content
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  1. Thank you so much for posting. I feel like I am there. My blog is under construction and will be out next week and I could not be more grateful that all you wonderful people are sharing and posting all this wonderful and helpful information. I am so thrilled that I am going to be joining the world of blogging as a writer as I have been a reader for years. I hope I will have the pleasure of getting to know all of you.

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