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Found Some Regular Soda Drinkers


Sitting at the table with some friends (Colleen from Classy Mommy and Danielle from Extraordinary Mommy) and we are all drinking regular soda. This is the first time…EVER that I’ve been with women that dont like diet.

Can you leave a comment and let me know if you are a regular or diet drinker? Would love to get an average!

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  1. Yea for real pop! I am a real Dr Pepper drinker and since the rest of my diet is healthy and I get plenty of exercise I DON’T FEEL GUILTY!

    I tried to switch to diet a few times but it is NASTY.

    (Can you tell I feel strongly about this?)

  2. Diet soda is soooo bad for you. I rarely drink soda anymore, but if I do, it’s regular! (but no caffeine lol)

  3. I drink only diet ! I get a lot of calories from food, no need to get more from drinks.

  4. Only Coke Zero and Diet Dr Pepper for me! I gave up regular soda 18 months ago and haven’t missed it!

  5. diet is terrible for u buddy. It does more harm than good. And regular all the way!

  6. I rarely drink soda, but if I do it’s always regular. There’s just a really weird taste to diet.

  7. Some days I need like the extra sugar and flavor (specially when I tired), so I go for a regular coke, but If I’ve eaten a lot that day I prefer the diet one.

  8. I don’t drink pop that often but when I do I prefer the real thing . Diet pop just doesn’t have that certain something like a good ol’ coke does!

  9. I really prefer diet. I’m an avid diet dr pepper drinker. I’m healthy, exercise, drink lots of water, and decided I deserve one ‘bad’ thing. And I love that it has no calories. They really add up fast when you drink away your calories. I’d rather eat!

  10. I HATE diet Coke but I’ve given up all soft drinks for Lent and I’m not even Catholic.

    But heck yeah if I drink a Coke it is FULLY LEADED! 😉

  11. If I drink soda, it’s regular. Diet soda is disgusting. The aftertaste is unbearable.

  12. I’m a diet soda girl…though for the most part I gave up soda and only drink water.
    But if I have a can a week its definitely diet.

  13. I usually get water. BUT if I get a soda it’s a regular soda. Not a big fan of anything diet. Everytning in moderation is my motto.

  14. You’re going to die of something someday, somehow! Regular all the way!

  15. My husband always orders Diet and I regular, but when they come back they give me the diet and him the regular. EVERY TIME. :/

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