Maxi Skirts Are A Great Way To Transition Into The Spring

You know those days when it’s nice out… but you still need a fitted jean jacket? Consider a maxi skirt as the base of your outfit. I JUST bought one and will do a fashion hauling video on it soon enough. In the meantime, here is how I would wear it.

PS – this skirt is from Target.

Fitted tank top – that goes inside the skirt. The one I bought have a huge bow around the waist, so it looks like a fab belt. I didn’t want to hide it with a over-sized top.

A wedge – don’t ask about this Giuseppe Zanotti pair because you won’t be happy with the price. BUT you see where I am going. Something with height because we all walk better with a heel.

If it’s a little chilly, throw on a jean jacket.  And you are DONE!

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