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    Check Out My New Basement Thanks To Pier 1 (VIDEO)

    I put Bill to work last night! We got all the furniture we ordered from Pier 1 and the boxes were screaming at me all day long. After dinner, I gently nudged Bill in the direction of our basement den and batted my eyelashes a bit. He caved and off we went. I am SO IN LOVE!!

    Here’s the video of the two of us putting together our new room. All of the Pier 1 pieces look great!!

    I have two questions though:

    A) I now have a lot of storage. Do you suggest I let the kids put their toys in the bins? Or am I risking ruining the furniture with banging and clanking that comes with 5 year olds?

    B) What type of table should we get??? The crate that we have is actually a smaller version of something that exists in my bedroom. I almost want to switch them out so it looks more… complete. But then I look and don’t know if a regular table would be better. What would you do in that case?

    And I guess the BONUS question is… how can I get Bill to completely paint the basement a new color without him divorcing me? Seriously, that’s the tough one!!!

    So, what do you think about the Pier 1 makeover? I am SO happy because we were living with one chair down there. The kids would squish in and Bill and I would have to sit on the floor when we played the Wii together. This is SO MUCH BETTER!!!

    * company sent a gift card in exchange for the review

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    1. a. let them use the storage bins….what else can u do with them?

      b. that table does look kinda small compared to the couch. i like the design of it though

      the furniture looks great!!! as far as painting…LOL GOOD LUCK!

    2. I would honestly go with two end tables on both sides of the sofa. But if you use the table to put your feet up, I would go with something in the same style of the sideboard.

      And I think this was the first time I saw you wearing something that’s not flowy /covering up around the hips/stomach/thighs and it looks great! there’s definitely no need to hide those curves! 🙂

    3. a) no toys in the bins. Maybe each one can get their own bin (just one) to put their favorite thing or small things in there.

      b) I will go for a big rustic table, and also maybe some cushions (with stripes o different patterns with the theme colors) for the sofa.

      c) About bill LOL maybe you can ask your cousins to help, like a Spartacus marathon with painting party hahaha you promise them a sword and you’ll have that basement painted in no time 😉

    4. Like the furniture so much!

      I would let the kids use the bins.
      I think a larger table.
      I always do the painting. But you could start and maybe he would help?

    5. I actually like the green walls with the red sofa, the are complimentary. The makeover looks great.

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