During fashion Week, Spanx set up shop in the Empire Hotel to showcase their latest styles. Everyone, from Oprah and Jessica Alba to Justin Bieber has been raving about Spanx. Its a classic celebrity must-have and I’m excited to tell you there’s a new line of Spanx available at a very un-celebrity price point for us regular folks.

The Assets collection is available at Target at a low price point. You can try out the Cool Control, which is shapewear that is light and breezy so you don’t overheat. This is for medium control. Then there’s the Fantastic Firmers, which tighten everything so that nothing jiggles. This has super control. For ultra, intense control, there’s the Remarkable Results. The prices are amazing. For your typical mid-thigh shaper, it puts you out $26-$28, depending on your size. $42 gets you a full slip dress that’s really light and actually very pretty. There’s even stockings and tops.

For Fall, Spanx is bringing out Activewear, so you can look good while you’re working on looking better. From long pants and compression shorts to hoodies and tanks, this collection promises to firm and flatten, while you workout.

Spanx offers a line of tops, a skirt and a dress that you can wear as outerwear. It doesn’t look like underwear in the least bit. I fell in love with the cute black dress. I couldn’t believe it has such powers to slim and flatten where needed. The tops come in a variety of styles, including turtle neck and V-neck and with or without sleeves.

Spanx for men has also been a huge hit. I’m happy to tell you that some of the t-shirts don’t even look like shapewear. For intense control, there’s the Cotton Compression t-shirts that improve posture and slim where you need slimming.

To check out all Spanx has to offer, go to or go to your local Target.

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