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Coupon Cutting Broken Down: How I MADE $15 This Week While Shopping At CVS

I posted THIS VIDEO about last weekend’s run to CVS. I stormed through the door and threw my video camera at my husband because I was simply MANIC at that moment. I just EARNED $$$ at CVS because I worked the circular to my advantage.

A few people had questions on Twitter and I thought to write a detailed post explaining what I do.

  • You have to stop thinking about what you need right now and start thinking about what you need period. If you know that you are going to always use toothpaste, shampoo, mascara etc – then why not stock up when it’s on sale?? You  need to get a little area of your house ready for storage. I have about 10 deodorants in my basement – and I’m not that smelly. It’s all about buying things when they are CHEAP or FREE depending on how you work the system.
  • When I first started I wanted to buy EVERYTHING that gave me ERs. But that makes no sense. I only buy things that are REALLY a good deal. If I have a $.50 coupon for Pantene and it’s on sale  — it’s just not good enough. I have to have a $.50 coupon, Pantene has to be on sale AND CVS has to give me EB for the purchase. Get it? Don’t jump on every deal. That’s how you end up walking out spending $30 while you were trying to SAVE.
  • I buy food at CVS too. They obviously don’t sell fresh fruit or meat, but your peanut butter, your cereal, your soda – these can all be bought for CHEAP if the timing is right.
  • When I first started, I used to do Walgreens, Rite Aid, AND CVS. It was just too much and too stressful. Now I don’t even OPEN the Rite Aid and just glance at the Walgreens. If I see something free, I will make the trip. Otherwise, I just stick to one purchase a week from CVS.
  • Also if you are ever around a CVS – maybe you pass one while walking to work – go in and swipe your card at the kiosk. You get new coupons every day. It’s worth the two seconds if you are around one.
  • This week – because I am a beauty club member and have spent over $50 at the store this year – I received an extra $5 EBs. Just for being a member! So worth it!
  • PS I don’t really do coupon cutting for food. I find that buying generic is MUCH cheaper than coupon cutting for food. There are only a FEW things that I MUST have brand named – and those I will buy with or without a coupon.

MIND YOU – I had $11 in CVS Extra Reward Bucks this week which contributed to me making money this week.

I threw out my flyer and don’t have a record of exactly what coupons I used – but here are some of the things I purchased:

You always buy the items that give you the same amount of EB. This week CVS had Colgate toothpaste (WHICH WE ALL NEED). The limit was 2 meaning they won’t give you more than 2 EBs for this. Never buy over what they say. There’s no point. I bought 2 even though I have toothpaste. I bought it because the sale is worth it. I had $8 in EB from last week, so this basically gave me free items and then replenished the EBs I handed in to pay for this.

They also had a B1G1 free for Emerald Nuts – I had a $1 coupon as well. My kids and husband eat nuts. It’s something we buy anyway. Why not?!

I bought my husband deodorant with $1 off coupon PLUS received $2 EB. Notice this is a limit 1.

Listerine Zero was $3.99 with your card AND I had a $2 off coupon I printed online. CVS also gave me $2 EB. So this was free.

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