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You Know Someone Who Does This?

Last night I attended a fabulous event with Fisher Price and a roomful of amazing bloggers. I will write about that later this week because I’m heading out to the NY Toy Fair today. But I wanted to make mention of something that happened to me a few times that I was REALLY AWARE of it for some reason.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who wasn’t listening to you because she /he was to too busy looking around for a better person to speak with? Β I mean, at least 3 people did it to me last night and I guess I can understand because there were a ton of old friends reuniting but STILL. I would be mid-sentence and then see person X lean over and around me to see who was behind me.

Wait what? Are we having a conversation or what??

It was a bit crazy and I am sure I’m guilty of this at times as well but LET ME TELL YOU I will be very conscious of it moving forward. I felt like I was just a filler for those few women which made me a bit sad. Again, I wont’ fault anyone because it was a night filled with energy and fun. People were a bit manic because of all the great bloggers who showed up – but call me crazy.

We should be human first.

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  1. Vera – I have definitely had that to me before and I agree, it’s just crazy. People get caught up in the excitement and it’s so great that you’re aware of it because it means you won’t do it yourself.

    And really, who can possibly be more important or better to talk to than you! Clearly those bloggers didn’t know who they were talking to πŸ˜€

  2. Who in the world would ever consider you a “filler”?? You are fab!!

    But I do know what you mean and have had it done to me before too.

    I certainly hope I did not come off as one of these people. I love chatting with you & wish I got to do it more often!!


  3. While I committed a major faux pas when I first saw you, I always always enjoy speaking to you. In the space of 7 minutes you taught me a bunch of things and you are always so gracious and warm. If anyone is going to treat you like that, then they probably aren’t worth your time.

  4. I have an acquaintance who has literally walked away while I was speaking. Twice. For real.

    It makes you feel pretty crappy.

  5. You took the words out of my mouth. If I was one of those people looking off in the distance though, I assure you it wasn’t to find someone more fab to talk to-because you (and your hubby) were so much fun to hang with. It was because I was exhausted!

    I do find it interesting though, because it seems social media people are either very social in real life, or very ADD, and I think I tend toward the side of ‘socially awkward’ when I’m tired or hungry. (just like my kids!)

    Anyway, it was a blast to see you last night, and I can’t wait to see you again in April! (if not sooner) And tell that man of yours we’ll be sure to bring him a Philly cheesesteak when we come. πŸ™‚

  6. Oh me and my wandering eye… Haha! Gosh I hope it wasn’t me! I always LOVE running into you and what a greeting I got too! I could live in your hugs! The warmth!

  7. What? Who would do this to you? I would think you would be one of the ones that everyone was trying to say hi to. But regardless, super rude, and it is definitely a weird, social media, party going thing. I felt that way at BlogHer several times.

  8. Vera, I don’t think you do this. I’ve never noticed you not listening to either the people you’re talking to or your kids or whoever it might be that is trying to get your attention.

    I don’t think the party has anything to do with it. Some people are good listeners and some people are not. Under any circumstances.

  9. Seriously? I was feeling that way a lot last night. I felt so on the outskirts of the local “clique” and considered leaving and going to dinner with my sister. Really glad I didn’t, though, because I would have missed talking with you.

    But I totally know what you’re talking about and last night made me more aware of welcoming “new comers.”

  10. That is such a pet peeve of mine! Totally rude. People should be human first. I also hate when people do not listen and interrupt and change the subject, and then what you were speaking about is gone – as if what you were saying isn’t important. I could never live with someone who interrupted me or didn’t listen.

  11. Yup. Been there! Annoying, ignorant and incredibly rude. On the upside, it quickly teaches you who to stay away from.

    I have no idea who they would be ‘looking’ for when Vera Sweeney is standing right in front of them!

  12. It was great meeting you last night, Vera. LOVE being able to put a real “face” to such a wonderful online presence.

    Gosh, I’m glad you posted this because I’m sure, at one time or another, we’ve all been guilty of something like this! May this be a reminder, going forward, for all of us to be considerate and authentic in our exchanges, online and off!

  13. Great post. Couldn’t agree more. And it’s a great reminder to welcome newcomers even when reuniting with old friends. Wish I had been there. xoxo

  14. What a fool that would have been, as far as I know you are as fab as it gets.

  15. Wow, Just when you think its just me, then you realize it happens to all of us. I am surprised that this happens to you because you are always so friendly and have smile for everyone.

    I may not remember peoples name but I dont think I am looking for the next best thing becuase we are all the next best thing.

  16. WOW – I can’t believe how many people commented on this (and who have felt the same way). I’m happy (and sad) to hear I am not alone in feeling this way.

    Hugs to all πŸ™‚

  17. I’ve had that happen and even call me on the phone to speak to me when they really didn’t have time to speak to me, they just wanted someone to agree with them or to convince you to agree with their opinion about this or that. Can anyone spell R-U-D-E? I sure can.
    I’m sorry, but what happened to you was just that RUDE.

  18. Who would do that to you?! How rude and horrible cause your one of the ones I LOVE to talk to when I see you. It’s happened to me a few times and I usually make a mental note for the next time I meet that person to just wave to them from across the room. LOL. Honestly it’s their loss not speaking to you cause your wonderful πŸ™‚

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