What’s In Her Purse? Whitney From ‘Mommies With Style’

I took a few days off from my ‘What’s in her Purse?’ series and am now ready to hop back on that wagon!

Today, I give you Whitney from ‘Mommies with Style‘. She’s also my partner over at the ‘Gift Guide Girls‘… so I heart her big time.

Here’s what she carries inside her purse. It’s nice and neat!

  • pen
  • 3 lipsticks:
    • Avon Perfect Wear in Perpetual Pink
    • mark “lipclick bare rug” – I got this one after I saw a photo of Kristen Bell wearing it in a magazine and they noted the lipstick and I loved it!
    • Avon glazewear sparkle lip gloss in “rave”
  • my kindle. I carry it everywhere! I use it on the elliptical at the gym but also like to sneak a page or two in when I’m in preschool car line pick up
  • Belkin iPhone arm band & headphones – I use to run with at the gym
  • KidStuff coupon book, which is a local coupon book which gives me discounts to stores in the area. It’s a fundraiser thing for local schools
  • wallet
  • 2 sunglasses. Was actually surprised I didn’t have more! I always have 2-3 pairs of cheap sunglasses in my purse b/c I have a knack for breaking and losing them all of the time! I learned the hard way to never purchase expensive sunglasses. I never spend more than $20 on a pair and get them at TJMaxx/Marshalls
  • iPhone not pictured because Cole ran off with it while I was taking the pict!
  • Somewhere in an inside pocket are some business cards and hand sanitizer too (the latter because I’m a germaphobe!)

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  1. It’s only neat b/c I recently changed purses! Give it a few weeks and there will be goldfish crumbles & random sticky things crusted on the bottom, I’m sure. 🙂

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